Xingyu Huang

Beyond Reach2021
There is a ring that I lost physically and emotionally. My ex-lover bought it for me before I left China in my 19. He bought it because this ring can only be purchased once in a lifetime with his ID, he wanted it to be a commitment. And later, time difference and distance made us struggle, I was crushed a lot and uncertain. He didn’t travel to me, I didn't call him. Before I returned,  the two thousand days of relationship we had turned to zero, the ring I wear every day was lost by accident. At that time, the ring had long been out of production, which meant that not only could it not be bought by him again, but it would never be bought again in this world. When a stage of life suddenly disappears, you have no evidence that it ever happened. I’m still holding that absence in my memory, fulfilled yet empty.

The work explores memory concretization by expressing diverse memories through a consistent form. Memories fade daily, blur in our minds, and require retracing. They only resurface through senses and objects—tear-stained tissues, gifts, familiar scents, or melodies. This piece encapsulates the ephemeral nature of memories, making it a poignant exploration of the passage of time and emotional connections.

Beyond Reach
Multiple Materials
Xingyu Huang